WIFI Vs LiFI (internet with speeds reaching 100 Gbps)


Technological developments increasingly make riveting internet lovers, one being me. I like the internet, the internet is arguably even necessities of life other than eating, sleeping and bathing.

Today I read a new discovery in the field of the internet i.e. Li-Fi. Li-Fi is short for "light fidelity", which is a wireless network that uses light as the medium. Li-Fi can transfer data at speeds of 100 Gbps, folding many times if compared with the current fastest Wi-Fi (802.11ac) that its velocity around 7 Gbps. can't imagine if I can download a movie only a matter of seconds.

Li-Fi environmentthe workings of Li-Fi light source using the two who are at each end of the device. the light source can be used i.e. LED or light sensor. When the light of the LEDs are lit, the light sensor will detect it LED at the tip.

though superior in speed Li-Fi has drawbacks compared to Wi-Fi, because light cannot penetrate solid objects, e.g. a wall. Although he applied through the system base station attached in the ceiling of the room, Li-Fi requires direct line of sight directly onto the device purpose. In addition the device purpose should not be moved. In contrast to Wi-Fi that uses air as the medium. Wi-Fi device can reach a goal although hindered by the wall during the device purpose with Wi-Fi not too far away.

that's because for the moment Li-Fi doesn't really replace Wi-Fi (maybe a few more years), a technology that can be used in parallel to create a more efficient network. Before the use of the Li-Fi masse realized, first need to be developed for retrofit device current with technology.

but to be sure, although the Li-Fi cannot be realized now, I was quite happy. prayer right alone, scientists completed the Li-Fi is becoming better and as soon as possible.
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