To get rid of tired or spend time with your family at the end of this week, it's good on vacation with the family, for example: watching the cartoon movie "THE GOOD DINOSAUR".

THE GOOD DINOSAURDirector: Peter Sohn
Author: Enrico Casarosa, Bob Peterson
Writers: Meg LeFauve
Film Genre: Animation, Comedy, Family
Screening Date Movie: November 25, 2015 (USA)
Country: USA
Production House: Pixar Animation Studios, Walt Disney Pictures

"THE GOOD DINOSAUR" is an animated film projected by Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney Pictures. The film tells about a story of Arlo, an Apatosaurus that has around 70 feet high.

Someday, Arlo has been dropped into a river and her head banged by rock. When conscious, Arlo finds itself has been far from his home. When trying to find the way home, he met and established close friendship with a young Caveman named Spot.

While the journey through landscapes austere and mysterious, Arlo learns the power of facing fears and finding what he truly can.

The movie "THE GOOD DINOSAUR" is the story of a jurney or an incredible journey of self-discovery on a thrilling adventure, with the character funny and heartbreaking. the friendship between Arlo and the Spot could become a role model for little kids who watch the film.

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